Pasta alla Carbonara

Some people use spaghetti or bucatini.
I do prefer short, raw pasta that collects the bacon pieces and the egg better.

This recipe is very simple, but timing is essential when making it.

Start by frying some bacon in olive oil. Don’t make it burned. Just cook it for a couple of minutes: it only needs to get pink and cooked, it does not have to be crisp at this point. So stop the fire and take the pan away not to make it burn.

Also, while doing the bacon this way start with letting the water boil and cooking the pasta.

At the same time prepare a couple of eggs like if you would do an omelette – it is not necessary to mix it very throughly – it is fine if the white and the yellow part of the egg are not mixed completely:

You can add a bit of salt and pepper to it.

At the same time, grate some parmesan cheese:

When the pasta is nearly cooked (half a minute before you think it’s gonna be “al dente”), turn the fire back on softly under the bacon, so the oil gets warm again. As soon as the pasta is “al dente” dump it quickly with the bacon and the oil, start mixing it so the oil makes it all aroound the pieces of pasta like a glue. Also dump the egg in the pan at this point. Just keep the fire low and keep mixing.

Mix the parmesan cheese too:

Just keep stiring, the egg needs to go everywhere and the past has to absorbe it a bit. keep stiring, don’t let it be stuck to the pan or form blobs.

Add freshly grated black pepper:

Serve and eat while it’s warm!
Enjoy 🙂

Written by Daniele Muscetta

Father. Husband. Composer. Writer. Photographer. Luthier at . ex-Microsoft Program Manager. Don't dismiss a lot of hard work as talent.