Is a variation on normal brownie recipe. Because did not have all the ingredients of the original recipe and Luca was begging me to make a cake . Also I had to use some of the chocolate from all the Easter eggs the boys got given for Easter.

Chocolate coconut brownies


180 grams dark chocolate
180 grams of margarine *
250 grams of sugar
2 eggs
120 grams of flour
100 grams of grated coconut

Melt the chocolate and the margarine together in a pan.
Beat the eggs and sugar together. Mix the chocolate margarine mixture through the eggs, then add the flour and the grated coconut.

Bake in a preheated oven on 180 degrees Celsius for about 35 minutes.

Let it cool down a little and cut in little pieces…

*Edit March 1st 2016: Note that, since I originally posted this recipe, I stopped using margarine (for health reasons) and use only butter or oil in my baking. For more info

Written by Jyothi Muscetta

a healer, an intuitive, a wife, a mother, a lover, a cook, a baker, a reader, a garderner, a crafter, a creative thinker and a traveler.