Living in Italy also means that when it is the right season the vegetables of that season are really cheap. So the other day I bought 10 kilo of tomatoes for 4 euro.

So I went looking online for recipes, this is one of them.

Tomato Cheese Pie

6 plum tomatoes cut in thick slices
1 package of puffpastry
about 300 grams of grated cheese ( I used a mixture of Gouda, parmesan and pecorino)
1 tablespoon of mustard
1 tablespoon of dried basil

Put the puffpastry in a low pie shape. spread the mustard on the bottom. Lay down the tomatoes in a circular way. cover it with the grated cheese and the basil.

Then put the pie in the oven for about 30 minutes on 200 degrees Celsius. Or until it looks done. Take out and let the pie cool down. Enjoy

Written by Jyothi Muscetta

a healer, an intuitive, a wife, a mother, a lover, a cook, a baker, a reader, a garderner, a crafter, a creative thinker and a traveler.


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